Algebra Slide Shows 1 - 15
Playing the Game of Algebra

The following slide shows correspond to the video presentations.  They have the same numbering and information.  Try both!

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Lesson 1 Keystone

Lesson 1 Problems

Lesson 1 Solutions

Order of Operations

Lesson 2 Keystone

Lesson 2 Problems

Lesson 2 Solutions

Prelude to Lesson 3

Signed Numbers: Addition

Lesson 3 Keystone

Lesson 3 Problems

Lesson 3 Solutions

Signed Numbers: Subtraction

Lesson 4 Keystone

Lesson 4 Problems

Lesson 4 Solutions

Signed Numbers: Mulitplication, Divsion

Lesson 5 Keystone

Lesson 5 Problems

Lesson 5 Solutions

Introduction to Exponents

Lesson 6 Keystone

Lesson 6 Problems

Lesson 6 Solutions

Positive Integer Exponents

Lesson 7 part 1 Keystone

Lesson 7 part 1 Problems

Lesson 7 part 1 Solutions

Exponents that are Not Whole Numbers

Lesson 7 part 2 Keystone

Lesson 7 part 2 Problems

Lesson 7 part 2 Solutions

Scientific Notation / Significant FIgures

Lesson 8 Keystone

Lesson 8 Problems

Lesson 8 Solutions

Introduction to the Game of Algebra

Lesson 9 Keystone

Lesson 9 Problems

Lesson 9 Solutions

The Game Continued...

Lesson 10 Keystone

Lesson 10 Problems

Lesson 10 Solutions

Applications to Algebra

Lesson 11 Keystone

Lesson 11 Problems

Lesson 12 Solutions

Linear Relationships

Lesson 12 Keystone

Lesson 12 Problems

Lesson 12 Solutions

Review of Linearity

Lesson 13 Keystone

Lesson 13 Problems

Lesson 13 Solutions

Two Enrichment Exercises

Lesson 14 Keystone

Lesson 14 Problems

Lesson 14 Solutions

Solving Linear Equations Part 1

Lesson 15 Keystone

Lesson 15 Problems

Lesson15 Solutions

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